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  • GWT-GData Library

    By Bobby on 2009-11-08 05:40:21.637242
    The gwt-gdata project provides bindings for the GData library, enabling developers to create apps that integrate with Google systems.

  • GDBE - Google Docs Base Editor

    By Bobby on 2009-11-08 05:26:01.985785
    The Google-Docs Base Editor (GDBE) is a web based text editor built to model the existing Google-Docs editors. It integrates with Google-Docs via the GData API.

    The purpose of GDBE is to give developers a starting point for building editors for different document types that can be integrated into Google's editor suite.

    GDBE is written in Java and makes use of the GData API to communicate with Google Docs. The client side is implemented GWT and the server side is built with AppEngine in mind.